101st Airborne Parachute 19 Shot

Item Number: GG60372

Pack: 6/1

Height: 7 in.
Width: 6.75 in.
Depth: 6.75 in.

Parachutes with Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow and White smoke.







75th Ranger RGT

Item Number: GG67304

Pack: 12/1

Height: 13 in.
Width: 3 in.
Depth: 3 in.

Jumbo Parachute with Army Man!







Blitzkreg 30 Shot

Item Number: GG67199

Pack: 6/1

Height: 6.75 in.
Width: 7.5 in.
Depth: 7.5 in.

30 Shot Parachute W/ Large American Flags W/ Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow Smoke.







Bring It On 9 Shot

Item Number: GG66847

Pack: 12/1

Height: 8 in.
Width: 4 in.
Depth: 4 in.

Red & Green Stars with crackling effects and whistle with 9 parachutes. Nighttime use.







Grand Flags 24"

Item Number: GG66804

Pack: 12/4

Height: 9.5 in.
Width: 2 in.
Depth: 2 in.

Large single shot 24" Parachute.







Para Military Forces 40 Shot

Item Number: GG67125

Pack: 2/1

Height: 8 in.
Width: 12.75 in.
Depth: 14.5 in.

500 Gram Multi-Color Comet Tail; Saturn Missile with whistle; Parachute with fibres then Finale with Multi-Color Chrysanthemum Bouquets. Nighttime use.







Parachute At Night 16 Shot

Item Number: K5502D

Pack: 30/1

Height: 4.5 in.
Width: 3.75 in.
Depth: 3.75 in.

16 shot night time parachute that shoots small, medium, and large parachutes into the air with flares attached to the parchute. Nighttime use.







Parachute Battalion 7 Shot

Item Number: G-0160

Pack: 12/1

Height: 9.5 in.
Width: 4.75 in.
Depth: 4.75 in.

The daytime parachute fills the sky with 70 parachutes from only 7 shots.







Parachute Lantern 7 Color

Item Number: G-0247

Pack: 18/6

Height: 7 in.
Width: 1.5 in.
Depth: 1.5 in.

7" parachute with green, blue and red color changing flares! Nighttime use.







Parachute With Flag

Item Number: GG67012

Pack: 18/6

Height: 5.5 in.
Width: 1.25 in.
Depth: 1.25 in.

Single shot parachute that has a American Flag attached to the bottom of the parachute. Daytime use.







Single Night Parachute

Item Number: GG67014

Pack: 18/4

Height: 4.5 in.
Width: 1.25 in.
Depth: 1.25 in.

Single paper parachute with strobe light. Night time use.